Teaching Staff

S.No Name of the Staff Designation Profile
I. Department of Crop Management
1. Mr. C. Rajesh
M.Sc., (Agri) in Agricultural Microbiology
Assistant Professor (Agricultural Microbiology) View profile
2. Mr. A. Vigneshvarraj
M.Sc., (Agriculture) in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Assistant Professor ( Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry) View profile
3. Mr. P. Nandhakumar
M. Sc (Agri.) - Soil Science & Agriculture Chemistry
Assistant Professor (Soil Science & Agriculture Chemistry) View profile
4. Ms. K. Lavanya
M.Sc.,(Agriculture) in Agronomy
Assistant Professor (Agronomy) View profile
5. Mr. R. Arun Prasath
M.Sc., (Agriculture) in Agronomy
Assistant Professor ( Agronomy) View profile
6. Mr. S. Kumaravel
M.Sc.,(Agriculture) in Agronomy
Assistant Professor (Agronomy) View profile
7. Mrs. P.Vinothini
M.Sc., (Agriculture) in Environmental Sciences
Assistant Professor (Environmental Sciences) View profile
8. Mrs.R.ShanmugaVadivu
M.Sc., MPhil., (Ph.D)
Assistant Professor (Biochemistry) View profile
II. Department of Crop Improvement
1.Ms. S.Suvathipriya,
M.Sc., Agriculture in Genetics & Plant Breeding
Asst. Prof. (Plant Breeding & Genetics) View profile
2.Ms. Jeevitha Singaram,
M.Sc., (Agri.) Biotechnology
Asst. Prof.[Plant Biotechnology] View profile
3.Ms. R.Shanmugapriya,
M.Sc (Agri),Nano Science & Technology
Asst. Prof. (NS&T) View profile
III. Department of Crop Protection
1. Ms. S. Sandhiya,
M. Sc., (Agriculture) NET Qualified
Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology) View profile
2. Dr. B.Kanagaraj,
M.Sc., (Agri.) in Agricultural Entomology Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor (Agricultural Entomology) View profile
3. Mr. M. Saravanaraman,
M.Sc., (Agri.), Agricultural Entomology NET Qualified,
Assistant Professor (Agricultural Entomology) View profile
4. Mr. P. Sathish,
M.Sc.,(Plant Nematology) NET Qualified
Asst. Professor (Nematology) View profile
IV. Department of Social Sciences
1.Dr. B. Guna,
M.Sc., (Agri.), Ph.D.,
Associate Professor (Agricultural Extension) View profile
2.Mr. M. Mohanraj,
M.Sc.,(Agriculture) in Extension Education
Assistant Professor (Agricultural Extension) View profile
3.Mr. R. Singaravel,
M.Sc., Agriculture (Agri. Economics)
Assistant Professor (Agri. Economics) View profile
4.Dr. Narayanasamy. V,
MA., M.Ed., M.Sc., Ph.D.,
Professor (English) View profile
M.A. M.Ed. M.Phil (Edn.), Ph.D (Edn.)
Assistant Professor (Tamil) View profile
6.Ms. V.Ramya,
Assistant Professor (Maths) View profile
7.Mrs. M.Ananthi,
B.Sc., in Computer Science PG Diploma In Yoga M.Sc., in yoga
Assistant Professor (Yoga) View profile
8.Dr. M. Govindhan,
M.Sc., Ph.D., (Statistics)
Assistant Professor (Statistics) View profile
9.Dr. Alex. A,
M.V.Sc (Animal Genetics and Breeding)
Assistant Professor (AMP) View profile
10.Mr. R.Vadivel,
M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., (Computer Science)
Assistant Professor (Computer Science) View profile
11.Mr. Edwin Franklin L,
M.P.Ed, Masters in Physical Education
Physical Education Director View profile
V. Department of Horticulture
1.Dr. M. Sudhakar
M.Sc (Ag.) Hort., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor (Horticulture) View profile
2.Ms. S.Sowndharya,
M.Sc., (Horticulture) Spices, Plantation, Medicinal and Aromatic crops
Assistant Professor (Horticulture) View profile
3.Mr. B. Sakthivel,
M. Sc., (Horticulture) in Vegetable Science
Assistant Professor (Horticulture) View profile
4.Er.A.Sivakumar ,
B.Sc., (Chemistry), B.E (Agriculture), M.E. (EnergyEngineering) and Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Marketing Management
Assistant Professor (Agrl. Engg.) View profile
5.Mrs. P.Julie ,
M.Sc., Food science and Nutrition
Asst.Professor (Food Science) View profile